Begonia masoniana

Iron Cross Begonia

When does the Iron Cross Begonia bloom?

This Begonia is not a continuous bloomer, as we know from the balcony Begonias. It may show some flowers in summer, but the flowering period lasts only 2 to 4 weeks, not for several months.

How big does Begonia masoniana grow?

Begonia masoniana, which is the botanical name of the Iron Cross Begonia, can grow up to 16 inches/40 centimeters tall. However, it also grows in width and in time can reach a girth of up to 16 inches/40 centimeters as well.

Begonia Iron Cross

Where does this Begonia come from?

From East Asia, it is said to be native to China and northern Vietnam (source).

What kind of light does the Iron Cross Begonia like?

It likes to stand brightly, but not be exposed to the hot summer sun, so it should not be placed directly behind a sunny window during this time.

If it gets sun in the early morning and late evening hours that’s okay. It can also tolerate winter sun.

Does the Begonia need a lot of water?

It prefers that the soil is always slightly moist but not dripping wet.

In summer it needs more water, now it grows and evaporation through the leaves is higher than in winter.

Begonia masoniana Iron Cross

What kind of soil is suitable?

The begonia does not need a special substrate, it can be planted in (peat-free) mixes for indoor plants, herbs or vegetables.

How warm should it be?

Begonia Iron Cross be grown in a warm place all year round, but can also be kept at about 59 °F/15 °C during winter.


Yes, occasionally, but no earlier than one year after purchase or repotting. Either with liquid fertilizer from spring to fall, about every 4th week. Or with sticks in spring and summer.

Begonia masoniana

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