Begonia bowerae

Begonia bowerae Eyelash Begonia

Eyelash Begonia

Eyelash Begonia


Eyelash Begonia (Begonia bowerae) is the little sister of the popular Rex Begonia. It reaches heights of 10 to 30 centimeters, is native to Mexico and grows creeping to hanging. Its leaves can be brown-green or green-brown patterned.

Eyelash Begonia leave
The hairs on the leaves look like eyelashes.


Lighting & Temperature

Leaves show their best color in bright to partial sun positions with morning sun, evening sun and winter sun. If Begonia bowerae is not placed directly behind the window, it can cope with the hot summer sun.

It is also suitable for partial shade.

It can be grown over summer in the garden or on the balcony.

Begonia bowerae can be kept at room temperature all year round or can be overwintered at a temperature of 59 °F/15 °C.

green leaved Eyelash Begonia


I use peat-free vegetable soil, but the Eyelash Begonia also grows well in standard mixtures for houseplants or container plants.

Eyelash Begonia green

Watering & Feeding

The soil may dry out a little between the waterings, but it should not dry out. Dryness of the pot root ball can lead to brown leaf edges or to the dropping of flower buds.

Waterlogging, i. e. when the soil is under water for days, is not tolerated by the cilia begonia.

It is sufficient to start fertilizing one year after purchase or repotting.

Liquid fertilizers can be given every 4th to 8th week from spring to fall. Fertilizer sticks or other slow-release fertilizers each in spring and summer.

Eyelash Begonia young plant


Leaf Cuttings

Growing from leaf cuttings is not difficult. At 20 to 25 °C it takes about 6 weeks until the first roots appear.

The leaves can be put into the soil with the stem or just put on and pressed on. It is advantageous that the propagation pot is covered or placed in a greenhouse so that the cuttings do not dry out.

Eyelash Begonia leave cutting
Leaf cutting in a test tube.

Begonia bowerae