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Euphorbia leuconeura

Madagascar Juwel

Euphorbia leuconeura

  1. Lighting Light shaded to part sunny places with some morning sun, evening sun and winter sun are welcome. Hot summer afternoon sun can cause leaf burn.
  2. Soil Regular mixes for succulents or potting soil mixed with bird sand and/or pumice gravel such as clay granules.
  3. Watering Let the soil dry between the waterings to max. 70 % of the pots height.
  4. Feeding If the Madagascar Juwel is in active growth a standard liquid fertilizer can be given monthly or spikes or granules every 2nd to 3rd month. New bought or recently repotted plants don’t need to be fed for the first year.
  5. Temperature Euphorbia leuconeura likes it warm the year round with a winter minimum temperature of 15 °C (59 °F).
  6. Propagation Seeds and stem cuttings.

Madagascar Jewel
Only seedlings an young plants are showing white veined leaves.

Euphorbia leuconeura flower
If placed warm the The Madagascar Jewel can show its little white flowers throughout the year. Seeds are shooted into the air to spread them.

Euphorbia leuconeura seeds
At 20 °C (68) seeds need about 3 weeks to germinate.

Euphorbia leuconeura

  1. Scientific name
    Euphorbia leuconeura
  2. Common name(s)
    Madagascar Juwel
  3. Family
  4. Origin
  5. Height
    Up to 2 m
  6. Toxic
    Yes, contact with the milky sap can cause skin irritation

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