Crassula multicava

Crassula multicava

Fairy Crassula, Pitted Crassula, London Pride

Crassula multicava is native to South Africa and can grow to a height of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches). This plant, which is closely related to the Money Tree, is commonly known as Fairy Crassula, Pitted Crassula, or London Pride.

There are several cultivars available. They differ from the wild type in the color of their leaves. These include “Red” and “Purple Dragon”, where the undersides of the leaves are dark red.

Crassula multicava Red



Crassula multicava tolerates partial shade and does well in partial sun positions with morning, evening, and winter sun. Bright locations without sun are also suitable.

Oversummering in the garden or on the balcony is possible, but Fairy Crassula needs to be slowly accustomed to the sun no longer filtered through a window.


Standard cactus mixes can be used. Or substrates for herbs, vegetables and potted plants loosened with bird sand, clay granules and/or pumice gravel.

Fairy Crassula multicava


Allow the root ball to dry well between waterings and occasionally let it dry. It should not be allowed to sit submerged. It is not a problem to have water in the saucer for a few hours during the warm summer weeks.


During the first year after purchase or repotting, Crassula multicava does not need to be fertilized. After that, a liquid fertilizer for green plants, flowering plants, vegetables or cacti can be given occasionally from spring to late summer.

Pitted Crassula multicava


For flower development, cool to temperate overwintering at 41 to 59 °F (5 to 15 °C) is advantageous. Room temperature is also tolerated.

In cool overwintering, the soil should be lightly moist; if wet, the roots may rot.

London Pride Crassula multicava


Like many other species in the Crassulaceae family, Crassula multicava can be propagated with leaf cuttings and stem cuttings.

The cuttings can be planted immediately after cutting. It is also possible to root them in water.

At 65 to 72 °F (18 to 22 °C) it takes about four weeks for the first roots to appear.

Crassula multicava leaf cutting
Leaf cutting rooted in water.