Vesicularia montagnei

Vesicularia montagnei Christmas Moss

Christmass Moss

Vesicularia montagnei is native to tropical Asia (source) and is commonly known as Christmas Moss. Not because it only grows at Christmas time, but because of its branches, which are said to resemble fir branches.

Christmas Moss

Christmass Moss in a jar or aquarium


Christmas Moss is easy to grow tied to a rock or root in the aquarium. It is also suitable for growing in glass jars, both submerged (under water) and emersed (above water).


Vesicularia montagnei tolerates low light and grows well in aquariums without technology. Emersed, it can be placed in bright to partial shaded locations.

Christmas Moss emersed
Emersed Christmas Moss in a preserving jar.


Room temperature is welcome all year round. In winter Vesicularia montagnei can be kept a little cooler, at about 59 °F (15 °C).

Vesicularia montagnei


Christmass Moss can be propagated by division.

Christmas Moss Vesicularia montagnei

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