Blechnum gibbum (Oceaniopteris gibba)

Miniature Tree Fern Blechnum gibbum

The fern formerly known as Blechnum gibbum is called Oceaniopteris gibba according to current (July 2022) nomenclature. It can grow over one meter high and is native to New Caledonia. Young plants, like the one shown here, are still stemless. Older specimens look like a tree fern. However, it is not related to the tree ferns, although it is called Miniature Tree Fern.

Oceaniopteris gibba Miniature Tree Fern

How to care for the Miniature Tree Fern

Lighting & Temperature

The Miniature Tree Fern is suitable for light to semi-shade locations, it tolerates little sun and especially no hot summer sun.

It does well in warm locations all year round, but should not be exposed to temperatures below 59 °F (15 °C) for a long time.

Miniature Tree Fern roots
The Miniature Tree Fern does not tolerate dry soil.


Peat-free substrates for container plants, herbs, vegetables or palms can be used.

Miniature Tree Fern fronds
Fronds with withered leaf tips.

Watering & Fertilizing

The soil should be kept evenly moist but not dripping wet. Blechnum gibbum does not cope with drought, already after a few hours young fronds can dry up or brown leaf tips appear.

Tip: Daily spraying increases humidity only briefly, but can prevent the drying of the soil.

It can be fertilized with liquid fertilizer for green plants or vegetables, which he receives once a month from spring to autumn.

The first year after purchase or repotting the Miniature Tree Fern does not need to be fertilized.

Miniature Tree Fern

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