Ficus benjamina

Ficus benjamina Kinky

Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig, Ficus Tree

The Benjamin Fig, as the Weeping Fig is also called, can grow up to 10 meters high. However, it does not reach such heights in pots or containers. It can be kept small by regular pruning.

The fact that it is forgiving of occasional care mistakes and can cope with adverse conditions have made it a popular indoor tree.

Benjamin Fig Kinky
Ficus benjamina “Kinky”

How to care for Ficus benjamina

Lighting & Temperature

Young plants and small trees in little pots may be placed in partial shade to partial sun, with morning sun, evening sun and winter sun. Small pots of soil can dry out within a few hours in full sun locations.

Large specimens can tolerate hot summer sun after acclimation.

Variegated-leaved varieties, like the Ficus benjamina “Kinky” seen here, can turn green in locations that are too dark. However, this does not harm them.

Ficus benjamina can be kept at room temperature year-round, but can also handle winter temperatures of 53 to 59 °F (12 to 15 °C). It will not tolerate temperatures below that on a long-term basis.

Weeping Fig


Mixes for container plants, palms, herbs or vegetables can be used.

Ficus benjamina

Watering & Fertilizing

The soil is allowed to dry out moderately between waterings, but it should not dry out. Dryness, especially if prolonged, can cause leaves to drop.

If water is occasionally in the saucer or planter for a day or two during the summer, it will do no harm. If the pot ball is allowed to dry out moderately again between these wet days.

Fertilize only from spring through fall. Liquid fertilizers can be given monthly and slow release fertilizers in the spring and summer.

Newly purchased and freshly repotted plants do not require fertilization for the next 12 months.

Weeping Fig leaves

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