Haworthiopsis (Haworthia) attenuata

Haworthiopsis attenuata Big Band

Zebra Haworthia

Haworthiopsis attenuata Big Band
Haworthiopsis attenuata “Big Band”



Bright to sunny such as semi-shade locations are ideal, preferably with morning, evening and winter sun. The hot summer sun is tolerated after getting used to it, but is not necessary to grow the Zebra Haworthia. In the wild, this plant can be found under bushes or between tall grasses.

Haworthiopsis attenuata Variegata
Haworthiopsis attenuata “Variegata”


Haworthiopsis attenuata can be grown in standard succulent mixes or pure pumice. It also grows well in pure pumice gravel.

If you have a tendency to over water, it is better to use a permeable mix with at least 50 % mineral content such as pumice gravel.

Haworthiopsis attenuata Enon
Haworthiopsis attenuata “Enon”


Haworthiopsis attenuata does not tolerate wet feet. The soil must be allowed to dry between waterings.

During the growing season, from spring to autumn, it can be deep watered. With the exception of the hot summer weeks from mid-July to mid-August with temperature above 30 °C (86 °F). Then and in winter it needs to be watered sparingly and sloppily.

Haworthiopsis attenuata
Haworthiopsis attenuata


When in active growth (from spring to fall with exception of the hot summer weeks) with standard or organic liquid fertilizer (every 4th to 8th week).

New bought or recently repotted plants don’t need to be fed for the first year.

Haworthia Big Band
The Zebra-Haworthia after the purchase (left) and 3 years later (right). During this time it was fed only twice with organic liquid fertilizer.

Haworthiopsis attenuata Big Band


The Zebra Haworthia can be grown warm the year round. A temperate winter rest period at 10 to 15 °C (50 to 59 °F) will be tolerated. Minimum temperature is 5 °C (41 °F).


The propagation by breaking off side shoots is quite simple. It is also possible to grow the Haworthiopsis attenuata from seeds.


Scientific name

Haworthiopsis attenuata (syn. Haworthia attenuata)

Common name(s)

Zebra Haworthia, Zebra Plant


Xanthorrhoeaceae, Asphodeloideae subfamily


South Africa


5 to 10 cm


No but not edible

Haworthiopsis (Haworthia) fasciata

Haworthiopsis fasciata
The leaf faces of Haworthiopsis fasciata are smooth.

The plants offered in garden centres and nurseries as Haworthiopsis (Haworthia) fasciata are mostly Haworthiopsis attenuata. The plant care for both species is the same.

H. attenuata has tuberculate upper leaf faces and those of H. fasciata it are smooth. Another difference is that the leaves of H. fasciata are fibrous.

Haworthia attenuata fasciata
Haworthiopsis attenuata (left) and H. fasciata (right)
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